This is turning into a bit of a series.

I'm alone with my vibrator, and I'm thinking dirty thoughts. I have permission to come as many times as I want, and I plan on taking advantage of that. I tease my clit, thinking of how you went down on me last night, teasing me with your tounge. I rub myself lower, as I imagine you calling me a slut and whispering naughty things in my ears as you play with my nipples. I push my vibrator inside of me, fantisizing about the next time you'll tie me up on your bed, spanking me until I beg you to take me, and I finally come thinking about having your cock inside of me, pounding me as I tell you to fuck me harder and harder.


I'm tied up on the bed, face down, and I can't hear what you're doing. The first hit of the flogger on my back comes as a shock, and I breath out an unfortunate "ow" before I realize what I'm doing.

"What was that, Jane?"

"Nothing, Sir, it was nothing."

"Are you sure? Because I am sure that I heard you say 'ow.' You aren't allowed to say 'ow,' if you recall."

Another hit, harder than the last, though I manage to stay quiet for this one.

"What are you supposed to say, Jane? What do you say when it hurts?"

"Thank you, Sir."

"Good girl."


"What does this mean, Jane?"

You have a hold on my collar, pulling me so I can almost not breath, so that I am rather uncomfortable, so I have no choice but to answer you, because I can't do anything else.

I linger a bit longer than you'd like, and you jerk my collar again.

"Stop pouting and answer. What does this collar that you are wearing mean?"

In a small voice, I respond, "It means I belong to you."

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