"God, this pussy is so wonderful." You whisper, your breath warming my ear.

"I am so lucky that it is mine."

I get even wetter at that comment.

You're fucking me from behind, and as you tease me with the tip of your cock dipping into your wonderful pussy, you squeeze my ass and I squirm. I do so love it when you squeeze my ass. Especially after you have smacked it around a little, or a lot- as the case may be.

"Lucky that this ass is mine."

I close my eyes and relish the feelings, of you inside me, of my warm ass against your body, of your hand by my neck, of your voice whispering dirty, dirty things that make me tingle with anticipation.

Slowly, you push harder, harder, until you are almost all the way in, filling me, making me feel my own wetness. Telling me how much you enjoy when I am so slick that you feel no resistence going in, that I am clearly a little slut who enjoys this so much, I couldn't even try to hide it if I wanted to.

"So lucky that you are mine."

Of course, I don't want to. I want you to take me, to fill me the entire way as you now are, to use me like you do, and when you are done, regardless of my own pleasure, I want to thank you and know that I have served a purpose.

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